office gtvEnterprise established on 1991 May 21st

Founder and sole owner prof. habil. dr. Juozas GECEVIČIUS.


Enterprise‘s activities

Direction of activities – creation of new technologies and machinery for their realization: robotization and automation of manufacturing processes from idea to full realization.

Technical project feasibility is achieved by original and effective solutions according to which up to 95% of works can be patented.

Commercial projects feasibility is achieved by customer‘s return on investment in 1-2 years.

Projects locations Companies in Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Number of designed, developed and created projects 52 different names products.

  1. Considering that some of products have been repeated – more than 200 machineries, equipment, lines and complexes have been created and sold to customers.
  2. We created 406 different proposals for new projects.
  3. 151 research works has been created.
  4. 54 virtual modeling works have been created.